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She is responsible for training most of Darkseid's armies, including the Parademons and the elite assassins known Granny Goodness is one of the evil New Gods of Apokolips and a servant to Darkseid.She is responsible for training most of Darkseid's armies, including the Parademons and the elite assassins known as the Female Furies.

While playing game smooth it is, hell do think you’re doing something you’ve done in the past but dont have my cam on chat.Most happy long-married or long-term couples will say they'd never trade the comfort and trust they have now for the giddiness and unpredictability of a new romance.However, it's safe to say that at least some of these long relationships, even the happiest ones, might benefit from just a bit more, well, mystery. They put on, like, five pounds and get a bit chubby. I get excess body hair and a temper and an extra five hundred extra pounds.”Well, three hundred and twenty nine, to be exact, but nothing like round numbers for making a point, right? ”Damn my tree-hugging, video game-loving werebear parents to Mc Donald’s hell. Cultural indoctrination is a monster.”Zora flashes a grin that is all teeth. I slam the door in her face and press my back against the wood, careful to avoid putting too much pressure. Sighing, I lumber up to the mirror and squint investigatively at my reflection. My monthly hirsuteness is annoying, but waxing exists for a reason. Grumbling to myself, I reach for my make-up bag (Kate Spade, special edition) and fumble at the zip. Back in high school, Zora was the frumpy one, but now she’s the glamorous vampire with legions of glow stick-toting hunks and I’m Winnie the Pooh.

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” I wobble onto my feet, wood and bits of mirror crunching as I go. I have a distant cousin who says it’s perfectly fine to do drugs, but he’s a total koala (I said distant cousin) so I doubt he’s in the position to comment on what a shot of Ecstasy (or whatever you call a serving of drugs) might do to a Kodiak bear.

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