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The outspoken helicopter reporter who made her name filming the LA Riots and OJ Simpson's infamous low-speed Bronco chase is speaking out about her storied career in a new interview, and her life in the three years since she came out as transgender.

The results are surprisingly mixed (and occasionally hilarious):"It ruined our friendship""I dated someone I was close friends with in high school from my senior year of high school through my junior year of college.

I wish we never did because when we broke up, even though it was amicable, I lost someone that otherwise could have been a friend for life.

I tried to break it off—without mentioning the reason why—and over the next week or so he reached out to me with several desperate text messages, saying that he thought we 'had something real' and didn't understand what had gone so wrong.

On the new podcast, he praised the work of field reporters covering the Trump and Clinton campaigns, but raged against desk-bound analysts who are behaving as if it’s an ordinary election year.

The rerun of Countdown with Keith Olbermann at that time aired opposite the live broadcast of Anderson Cooper 360°.“If you had a tsunami every day, how good would your coverage of the tsunami every day be? “Frankly, many of the people who went out to cover the first one didn’t come back.I hate to be as blunt in that imagery, but that’s what you’re seeing.” “If we were invaded, the parallel to this coverage would be, ‘Let’s discuss whether or not there might be something good about the Russians coming in via Alaska as they move down the Canadian west coast,’” he added.I’ve been a lesbian and I’ve been gay, bisexual and transgender.I date guys, you know, and they have to be strong guys because they have to be willing to put up with the teasing and the threats and the insults of men that are far weaker. Tur alleges that Simpson's savings were decreasing and he was about to lose his highly lucrative Hertz deal after close to 20 years working with the rental car brand around this time, while also having to start paying out child support for his two young children.'Ask any divorced man paying alimony and they'll say it's spousal abuse, it's they can't support themselves.

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He was a really special person, and although it wouldn't have worked out romantically, I would give anything to go back in time and keep him as a friend." —Jessica, 29"It ruined other friendships""Our relationship grew out of a very close friendship, and for a little over a year, it was wonderful. We had different expectations for the relationship, and from there, we were doomed.

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