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(Eudora 5.x): Go back to Tools/Options/Sending Mail and click on 'Last SSL Info' and then 'Certificate Information Manager' (Eudora 6.2): You might be prompted to add a certificate, in which case you can skip g and h below. Find the Server Certificate for US, California, EECS. Note that if you are using a mail server other than then your LDAP password and the password you use on the mail server should probably be the same. in-old, out-old, poptest-old) 6) Paste those folders from your "Copy of Eudora" folder to your new "c:\Eudora" folder 7) Start Eudora, configure for IMAP mail, notice your old folders are there, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can also import from other mail programs (e.g.

Hit Ok, send a test message, which will fail the first time f. ) SSLReceive Version=6 SSLSend Version=6 SSLAlt Port Receive Version=6 SSLAlt Port Send Version=6 This basically tells Eudora 5.2 to behave like 5.1 in it's SSL behavior. Select Tools - 1) Copy and Paste your old Eudora folder (very important to backup first) 2) Uninstall The old Eudora (make sure you made a backup copy first) 3) Remove the c:\Eudora folder 4) Follow steps at top to install a new version of Eudora 5) Rename you mailbox folders with extension (e.g. Follow instructions below to add a new certificate. After it fails: Select the Tools File Menu and Select "Personalities" 5.

Between 20 the full-featured Pro version was also available as a "Sponsored mode" (adware) distribution.

In 2006 Qualcomm stopped development of the commercial version, and sponsored the creation of a new open-source version based on Mozilla Thunderbird, code-named Penelope, later renamed to Eudora OSE.

Most people agree that it’s a huge time saver, but in the interest of fairness, we’d also like to tell you about a free method for getting your conversion done. The other is better if you value your time and accurate results. This method requires four programs: our free MBOX Converter, Windows Explorer, Windows Live Mail (WLM) and Office Outlook. Start by installing Aid4Mail MBOX Converter and Windows Live Mail if you haven’t already got them on your computer.

You’ll need to download Windows Essentials to install WLM. “Free” may initially appear to be a cost savings, but when you factor in the hours it takes to migrate your emails—and the low-quality outcome—you may actually save money using a commercial tool.

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