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An implicit and almost universal assumption of discussions published in professional and semipopular scientific journals is that the problem under discussion has a technical solution.A technical solution may be defined as one that requires a change only in the techniques of the natural sciences, demanding little or nothing in the way of change in human values or ideas of morality.Traditional carbon dating involves removing and burning small samples of the object.Although it sometimes requires taking minute samples of an object, even that damage may be unacceptable for some artifacts.The method could help shed new light on the history of mummified bodies, old maps, cave paintings, and other treasures, they say.Scientists have developed a new method to determine the age of ancient mummies, old artwork, and other relics without causing damage to these treasures of global cultural heritage.After playing a few times, I realized Erector was programmed to be one of those too-cool-for-school daters who never responds to prospective hookups.“I was surprised how readily the settings and structures of our contemporary life eroticize themselves, or accept an erotic interpretation,” Tectr’s designer and writer Claris Cyarron, a trained architect who often makes video games, told Hyperallergic.“Buildings and infrastructure are in many ways about power, and so is sex.

Scientists have developed a first-of-its-kind method for determining the age of ancient artifacts without causing damage to the objects.

“If you want to stain me, come to 2689 Santa Fresca Blvd.” So reads the sext I have just received from Beautifully Stained, a staircase with a wooden railing that was, indeed, beautifully stained. “She/her” — that’s what the staircase identifies as — is just one of a number of architectural features and buildings whose attentions I am vying for in Tectr, a game billed by its maker, Silverstring Media, as one “about thirsty architecture, buildings that want you them.” Modeled on dating apps such as Tinder, the game has players swipe to “match” with real estates (or parts of them) and choose between pre-written messages to try and “hook up” with horny architectural entities that have names like “Flip Me” (a fixer upper) and “Dating Pool” (a swimming pool, duh).

No well-known buildings are featured, just a number of nondescript structures; made for Global Game Jam 2016, Tectr is an architect geek’s dating dream come true, filled with dirty building-related jokes that will make you chuckle but also probably cringe a little from their unabashed crudeness.

The new method does not involve removing a sample of the object.

The author is professor of biology, University of California, Santa Barbara.

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