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This would be my first one, but, hell — how hard could it be? The premise of is simple enough: Your classmate Taira, who just happens to be a Tyrannosaurs Rex, dropped and broke his ukulele at a performance you encouraged him to give.You've decided to invite him to the music store to pick out a new one at your expense. Taira insisted that I let him pay for the ukulele, but I stood firm: after all, I wanted to support him in his musical journey. If I’d let Taira have his way and made a few more careful choices, I might have been treated to a date in the park and a ukulele serenade.For those who aren't avid followers of the romance-game genre, dating sims are narrative games that let players determine the course of a date or relationship through branching choices – kind of like electronic choose-your-own-adventure stories.They're incredibly popular in Japan, and just starting to catch on in the States.

To date a character, you must either give them a Silver Ring (made at the Blacksmith with silver ore in the mine) once you have seen their first two events and have enough Friendship Points or continue to gain more Friendship Points and wait for them to ask you out. Afterwards, you can either propose with a Gold Ring (made at the Blacksmith with gold ore in the mine) or continue to gain Friendship Points until they propose to you.

To marry, you have to have seen four of their events and have no remaining debt.

I believe I was referring to the first worm that ripped through cyberspace and really put “security” on the mass public’s radar. And yes, it would totally be hot to have a boyfriend who could write code like that. But, I always liked to imagine the people who wrote these things as misunderstood, lethargic seekers of knowledge who needed a big hug and cuddle.

2.) A lot of people caught the references in story 4 (the floating letters, the odd graphic during the act break, the “observer” in the background), which I put in there to say “this story is science fiction”. Paula = Codex, Tom = Vork, Indian Kid = Zaboo, white haired woman = Clara.

I guess that means Rachel = Tink, and you the player = Bladezz.

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