Methods of accomodating cultural differences

Every organization starts from a different place and in a unique context, but all have room for improvement.

An educational approach can help to negate many fears that people have when it comes to addressing diversity.

It focuses on the assessment of credibility in Australian asylum procedures.

It is this management of conflict that shapes the outcome.

Our ability to give every child a chance to succeed in school depends upon a full understanding of culture and learning styles.

After all, effective educational decisions and practices must emanate from an understanding of the ways that individuals learn.

The focus here was primarily on the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and how it interacts with and accommodates persons with disabilities in displacement situations.

In these two case studies, the responsible institutions (the Australian Immigration Department and UNHCR respectively) acknowledge that refugees and asylum seekers may need particular assistance or accommodation due to their diversity.

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This seminar brings together findings from two different research projects on refugees, dealing with a common question: how do government and non-government authorities understand and accommodate diversity in their interactions with refugees and asylum seekers?

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