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received a Chemistry degree from the Norwegian University in Christiania (later Oslo) on December 10, 1868. arrived in the United States in 1873 and probably began practicing as a pharmacist that year. returned to Norway, perhaps to visit his father and sisters Eivinda and Theodora. Theodora, her father Even, and her sister Eivinda joined the Lyders family in Sacred Heart in the summer of 1887. She will sing English, Norwegian, Swedish, German and Italian, some of the pieces being of her own compositions. Theodora brought suit against the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Miss Cormontan studied music for 7 years in Germany and other countries in Europe; has given concerts at Copenhagen, Denmark and Arendahl and other cities in Norway.

He performed the first baptism and first wedding recorded in Holden's church records. This became the site of the present parsonage and church. Larson from Rush River, WI, came on foot in 1858 and baptized 157 children in outdoor services. Muus preached his first sermon on November 6, 1859 at Ole Huseth's place (now the home of Greg Piller family) as the first resident pastor.The third floor was used daily throughout World War I as a sewing center for the Brown County Chapter of the American Red Cross.Volunteer women used the sewing machines each day and sometimes into the night to turn out the quotas of bandages, dressings, slings, etc.Theodora Nicoline Meldal Cormontan was born June 9, 1840 in Beitstad in the county of Nord Trøndelag in Norway, the daughter of Reverend Even Meldal Schjelderup Cormontan (1798-1893). As a singer, she later appeared in several concerts. By 1881 he had moved to Sacred Heart in Renville County, Minnesota where his youngest sister Marie had lived since 1880 with her husband, Edward Lyders, a doctor and pharmacist. Her superior gift is plainly instrumental music and her admirers are numerous. owned and operated the first drug store in Franklin. Twin City newspapers reported in October, 1889 that Eivinda and Theodora Cormontan were in St. She was returning to nearby Sacred Heart after a day of teaching music lessons. was advertising his business in newspapers published in the towns of Franklin and Morton in Renville County, Minnesota. Her study under the greatest masters of Europe has made of her a player of ability, as well as a composer of piano music. Theodora and Eivinda entered the Aase Haugen Home four miles southwest of Decorah, Iowa on August 7, 1917.In 1847 the family moved to Arendal, and settled in the parsonage. Probably in 1879 Theodora became a music publisher, developing a significant music shop and a fairly extensive music rental library in Arendal. We hope to hear her again." Cormontan advertised as a teacher of vocal and instrumental music in the Granite Falls paper that November and December. Miss Cormanton is a capital musician, a fine singer, and is highly spoken of in musical circles and those who did not attend missed a rare treat.” Even, Theodora, and Eivinda all moved to Franklin, MN in 1888, where C. Hans appears to have joined the family a few years later. The train lurched forward as Theodora was boarding, causing her to fall and resulting in a spinal injury that left her partially paralyzed. By 1892 Theodora played the organ for two area churches, conducted choirs, and taught music lessons. continued to be employed as a pharmacist, and Theodora continued to teach music and perform. James Journal Gazette reported in its January 22, 1910 edition that she played the piano in a program for an anti-tuberculosis educational meeting. All lovers of music and especially the ladies are urged to attend all of the meetings." She also performed at the 1910 Farmer's Institute, as noted in the February 5 edition of the Journal Gazette. According to handwritten notes from the Home they were the 65th and 66th people registered there.

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