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In 2012 wordt de zoektocht naar de handelende Friezen voorgezet in het reisverslag 'Hanzesteden aan de Oostzee' en in 2013 en 2014 bezoeken we de Friezen in 'Friesland, provincie in Nederland' en 'Friesland uit het veen'.

In 2015 bezoeken we twee delen van wat we nu de provincie Zeeland noemen.

Over a lifetime of diving around New Zealand for work and for play, there are a few places that stand out.

Recently I was lucky enough to pull together a team of New Zealand's best and most experienced underwater film-makers and take them the length and breadth of the country for the new season of Our Big Blue Backyard. 1 White Island: Laisson's Reef This phenomenal dive is hard to beat anywhere in New Zealand. The fish life on top of the reef is glorious as well if you get the tides right.

Season 3 sees Nina happily in love with Patrick, when her apartment destroyed by fire, and shortly afterwards she discovers that she is not biologically related to the man she knows as her father. Nina discovers the identity of her biological father.

However, despite her proficiencies in her work-life, Nina constantly struggles with bouts of uncertainty, which both helps and hinders her in her quest for love, fulfillment and balance in the chaos of modern life. God has His hands on you I Am I Am A Star I Am Kloot I am so in love with this boy. She says "*#everydaycrusheveryday Ireland Baldwin in a close-up shot in the back seat of a car on the night of the amf AR gala. She says "*#idk Ireland Baldwin hiding under the covers. I love Thunder I Love You I Made Astika Oye Wahyudi I Made Mangku Pastika I Salonisti (Titanic's on-screen band) I Santana I Sio Lei of Macau I Song Kim I Square I swears.". I'dliketheoption I'll Have Another I'll'ava'alf I'll'ava'alf (NZ) I'm A Dreamer I'm Ablaze I'm Fraam Govan I'm glad it was you". Nooyi Indra Nooyi Indra Patel Indra Peterson Indra Petersons Indra Putra Indra Sahdan Bid Daud Indra Salcevica Indra Tasinar Indra Zemzoum Indrajith Pransikuge Indrani Indrani Abeyratne Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri Indré Jakubaityté Indre Jakubaityte Indre Jakubaityte of Lithuania Indre Roberts Indre Rockefeller Indre Sorokaite Indre Viskontas Indrek Jaervoja Indrek Tobreluts Indrek Topreluts Indrek Turi Indria Khan Indriani Lilis Indrias Getachew Indridi Sigurdsson Indrigo Indrik Trahan Indrisari Maya Kurnia Inductee Barry Mann Indur M Goklany Industry Indy Indy de Vroome Indy Ferrufino Indy Groothuizen Indy Point Indya Brown Indya Moore Indya Talbot Indyana Van Camp Ine de la Fressange Ine Eriksen Soreide Ine Gevers Ine Marie Eriksen Soreide Ine Neefs Ine Paule Klink Ine-Mari Venter Ineidis Casanova Ineke Dezentje Hamming-Bluemink Ineke Hunziker Ineke Majoor Ineke van Schoor Ines Ines Alberdi Ines Appelmann Ines Arrimadas Ines Arroyo Ines Ballester Ines Ben Jaddi Ines Birman - Vysotski Ines Bjorg David Ines Boubakri Ines Chenonge Ines Clouzot Ines Dargan Ines David Ines de Borbon Dos Sicilias Ines De La Fresange Ines De La Fressage Inès de La Fressange Ines de la Fressange Ines de la Fressanges Ines De Leon Ines de Tavira Ines Di Santo Ines Diaz Negrete Palacio Ines Dunst Ines Efron Ines Fernandes Ines Fernandez Ines Ferre Ines Flax Ines Garcia Ines Germano Ines Glorian Ines Gmati Ines Gomberoff Ines Gomez Mont Ines Hahn Ines Henrique Ines Henriques Ines Hiltrop Ines Hofmann Kanna Ines Ibanez Gonzalez Ines Jaurena Ines Juckstock Ines Kopitar Ines La Maga Ines Ledger Ines Lehmann Ines leyva Ines Ligron Ines Lopez Ines Lorenzo Ines Melchor Inés Melchor Ines Melchor Huisa Ines Merza Ines Muinos Ines Nrehy Ines Paris Ines Paz Ines Rau Ines Rivero Inés Rivero Ines Rodriguez Ines Romero Ines Rosales Ines Sabanes Ines Saez Ines Sainz Ines Sastre Ines Schiller Ines Segarra Ines Steinhauer Ines Talakic Ines Thomas Ines Toledano Ines Torlonia Ines Von Otto Zu Kreckwitz Ines Wildhage Ines Yasuda Inesa Titova Inese Jursone Inesha Premaratne Ineska Taktak Iness Chepkesis Chenonge Iness Ledger Inessa Merkulova Inesse Guermond Inesse Guermoud Inesse Luc Ineta Radevica Inez Banks Inez Bjoerg David Inez Bjoerk David Inez Bjorg David Inez David Inez David Bjoerg Inez Dickens Inez Duarte Inez Gaviria Inez Lamsweerde Inez Moore Tenenbaum Inez Rupprecht Inez Sainz Inez van Lamsweerd Inez van Lamsweerde Inez van Lamsweerde (L) and Vinoodh Matadin Inez Villaventura Inez Weinstein Inezita Gay Infa-red Infanta Christina Infanta Cristina Infanta Cristina of Spain Infanta Elena Infanta Elena of Spain Infanta Leonor Infanta Margarita of Spain Infanta Pilar Infanta Pilar de Borbon Infanta Sofia Infanta Sofía of Spain Infinite Infinite Energy Infiniti Red Bull Infiniti Welton Influence Info Hueck Information Manager Flight Lieutenant Stephen Graham Infrared Infrid Rubio Infuse Infusion Lounge. Lessner Inbal Kreiss Inbal Lessner Inbal Pezaro Inbar Barak Inbar Geva Inbar Lavi Inbar Shaked Vardi Inbar Vinarsky Inbee Kim Inbee Park Inbee Park of South Korea Inbee Park#Karie Webb Inca Ross Inca Sorrell Ince Incentivise Inci Aksoy Incincible Al Inciting Incident Incognito Incorporate Incubus Inculto Inda Griese Inda James Inda Upteria Indah Eka Puma Indah Kolalo Indarra Indashio Indayana Pedrina Inde Al Ashabi Indee Park Indelible Ink Inder Singh Bharat Inder Van Weerelt Inderjeet Singh Inderjit Bindra Inderjit Singh Bimdra Inderjit Singh Bindra Inderpreet Kang Indes de la Fressange Index Linked Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness Indhra Chagoury Indhu Rubasingham Indi Cowie Indi de Beaufort Indi Edwards Indi Force Indi Joon Alborzi India India Ampah India Benet India Bourne India Carney India Casiraghi India Clyburn India de Beaufort India Debaufort India Dupre India Eisley India Ennenga India Evans India Fans India Farrell India Ferrah India Fields India Forbes India Foster India Gants India Grimstad India Hair India Harrison India Hemsworth India Hester India Hicks India Hicks (C) India Howell India Irvin India Jackson India James India Jasmine India Johnson India Jordan India Langton India Lopez India Love India Love Westbrooks India Lucy India Madhavi India Mahdavi India Martínez India Martinez India Menuez India Morton India Oxenberg India Paulino India Rafter India Ria Amarteifio India Rose James India Rose Madderson India Rosso India Salvor Menue India Salvor Menuez India Salvor Nenuez India Scandia India Shakur India Sneed India Tamaiparea India Thain India U 19s India Varma India Weinstein India Westbrooks India Whalle India Whalley India Whiley India Whitty India Williams India Wolf India Wray-Murane India-Rose Madderom India. Indiana Beresford Indiana Evans Indiana Faithfull Indiana Feek Indiana Grace Schmid Indiana Jones Indiana Pacers Indiana Pina Indiana Woodwar Indiana Woodward Indianapolis Indianapolis Colts Indianna Kieran Indians Indians mascot Slider Indigenous All Stars Indigenous dancers Indignant Indigo Indigo Golub Indigo Monk Indigo Packer Indigo Phillips Indigo Sanara Indigo Sanara Phillips Indigo Smith Indigo Street Indika de Saram Indika Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Indila Indio Downey Indio Falconer Downey Indira Indira Cesarine Indira Guha Indira Lourenco Indira Mack Indira Madison Indira Naidoo Indira Negi Indira Roth Indira Suleimenova Indira Talwani Indira Terrero Indira Varma Indira Weis Indira Weiss Indix Linked Indji Bessim Indobaba Indoma Pardika Pamg Indonesia Indonesia Team Indonesian performer Indonesian performers Indonesienne Indra Indra Angad-Gaur Indra Chagoury Indra Craen Indra Grant Indra Gunawan Indra Hardinata Indra K.

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Deze literatuurlijst is begonnen met ons vierde reisverslag.

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