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See the problem is we are not thinking outside of the box- the key is to get our thinking caps on and catapult matchmaking on a global scale in our search for suitors.

Simantov International, proud to be the modern jewish matchmaker, are ever expanding their pool of potentials.

I have a write-up of my chronology of Jesus’ ministry here in case anyone is interested ( where Jesus’ final week is discussed towards the end of it. Thank You f God bless you The Orthodox Churches use leaven bread at Mass citing that the world for bread in Greek is artos , regular bread. I am not a scholar by any means, I’ve just started studying the Bible last year. Pitre’s knowledge and ability to explain something so difficult in an easy way for anyone to understand.

Although clearly the most awesome King, He is ”incomplete” because of His total goodness which is not finding expression in a medium outside Himself. Hashem approaches numerous potential brides who reject the proposal for fear of having too many restrictions and too many limitations placed upon them; in essence they wished to remain in their familiar “comfort zone” disinterested in a constant striving and growth toward self-perfection.

Granted there are indeed, according to said article; synagogues, party planners and matchmakers a plenty but all of these mitzvah makers are mainly working on a small network of people in each Shul or community and not thinking on an international scale.

Surely if, as a jewish single, if you are that serious about dating in the community you are going to search further a field?

We are gladly happy to respond and say it’s not stagnant here at Simantov International.

There is nothing wrong with holding out for someone who is Jewish at all- with the instilled values of family, community and business savvy singles in every Shtetl why wouldn’t you.

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However, the name as commonly used is also currently associated with the events surrounding the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which actually occurred on the Jewish Passover and is clearly defined in the Scriptures as the 14th of Nisan.

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