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Couples need to be able to resolve their disagreements in a constructive manner.

Agreeable people will undoubtedly be less likely to become accusatory and confrontational, but they may also shy away from conflict, period.

It was completely worthless television, except in one sense: The program highlighted the many ways in which the media’s coverage of Trump has been soft, insufficient, and without substance.

Scarborough began the evening by noting that he and his co-host were prepared to debrief Trump and ask him important questions; instead, the questions were mild, and the follow-ups nonexistent.

After facing hostile questions from Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski Wednesday night—they comprehensively laid out his flip-flops, presented him with damning videotape, and asked him to explain the inconsistencies in detail—Trump was confronted by hostile audience members at MSNBC’s televised town-hall forum.

When a Muslim questioner got up to ask why he had said such bigoted things about minorities, Trump seemed to struggle while Scarborough forced him to respond. Of course, none of this actually occurred Wednesday night, just like it hasn’t occurred once this entire campaign season.

It’s almost impossible to exaggerate the aggravation of dealing with someone who’s not very nice.

Mean people are annoying at best and destructive at worst.

Perhaps to teach me something about myself or for me to teach them something about themselves.

Conflict aversion and passive aggression are far more familiar to most people than transparency, directness, and painful honesty.

That presents a serious business with a big problem: To drive results, we need to get comfortable with making one another a little more uncomfortable.

Conflict certainly tests those boundaries and confrontation is never easy.

People are generally not aware of what they say or how they behave.

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However, as difficult as it might seem to imagine, there are people whose We might also feel distrustful of nice people’s intentions if we suspect them of being passive-aggressive.

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