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In fact, for being more than 100 years old, most of these cards have held up remarkably well.

To learn more about postcard storage, read: How to Store Vintage Postcards.

A card in excellent to mint condition demands a much higher price than those with defects.

Small creases, tears, bends or ink marks can cut the price of a postcard up to half!

The more obscure holidays are generally the most sought after, with Halloween cards being some of the most expensive and hard to find.

Finding the true value of a card can be hard, with so many factors affecting its price.The United States passed postal regulations allowing the card in 1872.Most of the picture postcards collected today date after 1910. The rates are: 1872 (1 cent), 1917 (2 cents), 1919 (1 cent), 1925 (2 cents), 1928 (1 cent), 1952 (2 cents), 1958 (3 cents), 1963 (4 cents), 1968 (5 cents), 1971 (6 cents), 1973 (8 cents), 1975 (7 cents), 1976 (9 cents), 1978 (10 cents), March 1981 (12 cents), November 1981 (13 cents), 1985 (14 cents), 1988 (15 cents), 1991 (19 cents), 1995 (20 cents), 2001 (21 cents), 2002 (23 cents), 2006 (24 cents), 2007 (26 cents), 2008 (27 cents), 2009 (28 cents), 2011 (29 cents), 2012 (32 cents), 2013 (33 cents), 2014 (34 cents). ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=postcards&lgeo=1&mpre= (This is mainly found with the very early Teich postcards and with V.0.Hammon postcards.) *There are a few hundred cards ordered by the Woolworth company that begin with a "W" instead of the more typical "A" or "R".

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If you're keen to do something with the postcards you've got stashed at home or you're wondering whether or not to indulge in buying them every time you're traveling or sightseeing, perhaps deltiology will open up a new world of collecting for you.

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