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I heard that Jun Ji Hyun was going to drop her role here for I don't exactly know what reason. I'm really mad not because i didn't like the drama, it's because my dvd player got sick because of restless playing this drama . in my opinion, the heirs has got many talented actors (have watched other dramas of lee min ho and love him, also woo bin, crystal, hyung sik and min hyuk). Just support all the way all those dramas that they have then life will be better for all of you. Heirs is way better,they swept all of awards in sbs drama awards man from star got a good rating cuz at that time is holiday. what a boring drama of course got a low rating hahaha We are trying to make Directors' cut DVD of Kdrama 'You who came from the stars.". To make Directors' cut DVD, we need at least 2,000 participant of speculative demand survey. Am sooo into this drama soooo much coz it has a good storyline and visuals :) But I'm so worried about Doo Min Joon's physical changes when he's with Song Yi... but as long as i watch it change from ideal-form to boring-form, because the comedy scene really..really spread in all minute to hour......

But I loved this drama and thank god she didn't drop her role in this drama. Her role here is pretty much the same as her role in legend of the blue sea, which i also love. Never seen anyone portray a stoic character who, despite the mask of impassivity he puts on, could still convey a great deal of emotion. however, the plot is its weakness, focusing too much on the "cinderella and prince" love story, which is nothing new. Man from the stars, I gotta say this first, have seen all of Kim soo hyun's dramas and movies, no doubt for his talent, he rocks this drama. It's a new new year, should be all new friends and make difference. Seems like his body is facing several changes like not-a-good-sign thingyz especially when : 1) he started to feel cold for the 1st time 2) had a fever for the 1st time (spoiler in ep 9 preview), does it happen after he kissed her? Just Share a best suggestion @Me: actually, what you hope is what I fear.

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In fact, it actually feels like he's trying to hold them back but then those stupid tears fall down anyway hahaha. i like the actor and the actress (Kim soo Hyun and Gianna) they are so sweet. Was personally hoping Do Min Joon would end up being "more human" and being able to live on earth but has to give up his super power and grow old instead - But of course there would be a final scary moment of thinking he would die if he stayed - this would make more sense as they were already build-up elements in the series showing him losing his powers slowly. The plot is actually not very attractive (to me, alien? I love the ending of the 8th episode as well I can't wait for when the next one comes out!

Ali Express is a business within Alibaba anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.If you're gonna watch it i suggest to watch something else... His role as such serious character but still adorable i just really love him.Overall it's not that bad drama, but the storylines is just tiring, this is the first kdrama which I hate ALL the characters, no one seems to sincere. They fight over a small matter but then they just easily make up. The pairing has chemistry thats what i like about because it makes my heart warm :) I love this show, I might as well say that it is one of the best show out there & this is coming from someone who is very picky in praising a drama cause trust me, even Healer and DOTS can't satisfy me to the fullest.Do Min-Joon is an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period. Although it's an alien-related show, they are able to capture the audience's interest by focusing more on the characters, and not so much on the fact that he's an "alien." And as far as acting, the two main leads have great chemistry! As for Kim Soo a Hyun - he is a very good actor, no doubt! And one thing that sets him apart from other Kdrama idols is his sincerity and good heart. I'm fans for more korean artists by my judment only... I guess how the writer would make the relationship between the man (who do not age normally) and the actress possible at the end.. somehow it seems that u're a newbie in kdramaland.. @roveloine I was away from Korean Drama for some time also. This drama for me...really INSPIRING & ENCOURAGE my heart.... IF YOU Want to Enjoy Them, Please Treat it Like Difference Drama..... they said not available yet in my country.so so sad..i love kim soo hyun oppa very much.drama makes me watch movie "the thieves" once more..they're couple this the movie also.n unnie saranhea!!! Do you think there are an actrees who's stupid than her(Cheon Song Yi) but really famous in real life.... See scene at the Lift when jae-kyung talk about spy-camera, or see when do-min-joon immediately appear when he hear she scream..,..Do Min-Joon possesses a near perfect appearance and enhanced physical abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed. ❤️ Not a fan of fantastical imaginary themes of aliens! They bring out the best in each other in their scenes while delivering their respective roles very well. I've seen his previous work and I'm very impressed. I have seen various interviews of him in a show, variety TV, fans footage, and more, and I have always observed his humbleness. And if course his good looks, good physique, and CHARM! so keep your bad mouth...& please say good think only..Every week I can't wait to watch this drama! it's been a long time since i startrd watching kdramas, so i've watched lots. Don't you think she is really a fool women in the world or like pretend fool woman...

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